Mortise Locks

Building Hardware

Our Product range also includes Mortise Locks. You can have a choice of Aluminum Handles, Mild Steel Handles and Brass Handles also.

We can provide 20 different type of keys with one lot of minimum 5000 set.

Many more designs of Mild Steel, Aluminum & Brass Handles are also available.


  • Our specialty of Mortise Lock is “Three bullets instead of only one square bar”.
  • As you can see in the photograph, there is a three bars at the bottom side of lock which gives higher strength in locking system.
  • Brass Handles shown here are for main doors.

  • There are different designs for Brass Handles as shown in photograph.

Our Customers can have a choice to buy everything related to home under one roof. Our product range also includes Wooden Handles & Knobs with different sizes and finishes.

We can manufacture and export Brass Mortise Locks as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please contact us