Brass Fasteners

Brass Fasteners

  • Brass Fasteners :We manufacture high quality anti corrugative Fasteners which are basically screwed with different heads. Fasteners comes in different sizes and we use high quality brass and SS to enhance their precision that suit metallic or wooden surfaces to which they are supposed to mount on. They are bolts, hex nuts, large screws and washers.
  • Materials Used :Brass of high grade is the main metal that come in handy with the brass fasteners, the material range from brass rods, hollow pipes or brass metal sheets depending on the product’s requirement of manufacture.
  • Finish :Tin Plated, Nickel Plated, Electro Polished, Buff Natural Brass, Chrome Plated.
  • Application :Fasteners are quite essential in joining, connecting or permanent fixing of various components in a unit or gadget. Our brass fasteners are used in various industries because of their complying measurements and dimensions that suit many requirements of the market.

brass anchors

  • Brass Anchors :Brass Anchoring Systems, Brass Spring Anchors, Brass Plain Anchors, Brass Wood Anchors, Brass Anchor With Thread, Brass Drop Anchor, Brass Sleeve Anchor, Brass Pool Anchor
  • Application :Used for all light and medium duty fixing in Building …read more

brass bolts

  • Brass Bolts :Brass Nut Bolts, Square Nuts, Bolts Nuts, Hex Nuts, Panel Nuts, Welding Nuts, Brass Weld Nuts
  • Material :In Case of Cold forged Machine Bolts. Brass as per IS …read more

brass nuts

  • Material :Brass to BS 2874 / 2872 or IS 319
  • Finish :Brass natural, Electro-Tinned, …read more

brass screws

  • Material :Brass to BS 2874 / 2872 or IS 319
  • Length / Size :As Per Custom Designs …read more

brass washers

  • Brass Washers :Machine Washers Plain Washers, Copper Washers Brass Spring Washers, Star Washers, Stainless Steel Washers, Punched Washers
  • Materials Used :Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel (S.S.) (A2 / A4) and Vulcanized red fiber. Bronze Finish Natural, Nickel, Electro-Tin etc. Note Available …read more

We can manufacture and export Fasteners as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please contact us